Our beginnings

COMARTH ENGINEERING is a technologic company,that manufacture electric cars with worldwide distribution and high reliability in the vehicles it sells.
We used our experience as manufacturers of sports cars (S1 and Xtamy) to provide our electric vehicles eith a high stability and thrilling performance.
Our range of electric vehicles can meet the needs of business customers and those looking for leisure or tourism uses.
However, in COMARTH ENGINEERING we work to provide the best solutions to our customers and therefore we have launched three projects R + D + i looking to improve the performance of the batteries, increasing range of vehicles with electronics of next-generation to deliver the more efficient and accurate on the market vehicles.
Those companies or individuals who want to customize their vehicles, they could have COMARTH designers, engineers and specialists with skills and experience to solve the most difficult challenges, so that the results are always satisfactory.
COMARTH vehicles are assembled at our factory in Murcia and are approved by INTA following the current European directives.
But what worries us in COMARTH is to provide our customers the quality of service that allows us to live up to our customers. We serve our customers like friends they tell us their concerns, they make us suggestions for improving our products and recommend us to their closest friends.
Know GROUP COMARTH and discover all we can do for you.
Feeling member of a technologic club and exclusive.
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